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Car Insurance Spain

Buying a car in Spain

Thinking about buying a car in Spain? Then read about the process here to avoid the pitfalls.

Car Accident in Spain

Knowing the procedure will avoid a lot of heartache and wasted time should you be unfortunate enough to be in an accident. Here you will find some information on what to do.
Car Insurance Spain car accident in Spain
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Car Insurance in Spain

Find out what the requirements are to keep you legal on the road in Spain.

Car Testing in Spain

Your vehicle in Spain must undergo a periodic roadworthiness test. The frequency will depend on the age and type of vehicle. You can find out more information on this link.
Car Insurance Spain ITV

Importing a car to Spain

People often use professionals with experience to help with the importation of cars to Spain. There may be taxes to pay, a road worthiness test to undertake and adjustments to the vehicle itself.
Importing a car to Spain

Motorbike insurance in Spain

We offer a full range of motorbike insurances from third party to fully comprehensive. Add-ons include cover for damage to crash helmet and clothing, and personal insurance. Cover available for UK registered motorbikes in Spain too.

Parts of your car in Spanish

Avoid confusion when looking for help with repairs at the garage. Here is a handy list of some of the parts of your car in Spanish.
Parts of your car in Spain

Road Tax Spain

Road tax is paid at the local town hall. It is possible to set up a direct debit to avoid forgetting and incurring a penalty. The rate of the tax is set by the municipal authority.
Road Tax Spain

UK or Spanish driving licence?

If your driving licence from the UK has expired and you permanently live in Spain then you will need to change it for a Spanish one.
Driving licences extended 60 days if they expire during the State of Alarm


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Car Insurance Spain import

Importing a car to Spain

Find out what the requirements are to keep you legal on the road in Spain.

Road Tax in Spain

You are obliged to pay a tax to your Town Hall for vehicles that you own in Spain. Use this link to find out more about these taxes.
Driving in Spain
Car Insurance Spain road sign

UK or Spanish driving licence

Find out what the requirements are to keep you legal on the road in Spain.

Car insurance in Spain

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