Car insurance for foreign registered cars in Spain

Foreign registered vehicles will need to be imported properly and transferred onto Spanish plates. Depending on whether you are a resident or not the time you have to do this differs. This link will show you some basic information on importing a car to Spain.

Whilst you are waiting for the paperwork to be processed it is possible to obtain car insurance in Spain and to drive your car legally.

With UK plated cars you can obtain a full range of covers including third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive cover.

For vehicles from other nations you can obtain a quote for third party cover.

This will enable you to make use of your car in Spain while waiting for the paperwork to be processed.

Whilst we do not process the papers to import cars we have many contacts throughout Spain who can help you. Just ask.

You can insure your foreign plated car for up to six months for non-EU and UK cars  or 3 months for EU registered cars, whilst the paperwork is being processed.

It is necessary to show the insurer that the process of re-registering your car is underway. They will usually require the following documents:

  • A copy of the vehicle documentation
  • A copy of the vehicle owner’s identification
  • A Spanish address
  • It will be important to provide documentation that confirms the horsepower of the vehicle.