In Spain, a “vado permanente” is a special permit that allows a property owner to reserve the area in front of their driveway or garage. This means no one can park there, so the owner can always get in and out easily.

To get a “vado permanente,” the property owner needs to apply to the local council. This involves filling out a form, paying a fee, and following any local rules. Once approved, the area is marked with a “Vado Permanente” sign showing the permit number and other details.

This system is important in busy areas where street parking is common. It ensures that driveways and garages are not blocked by parked cars, allowing property owners to have constant access. If someone parks in a “vado permanente” spot without permission, they can be fined or their car can be towed away. Local authorities are in charge of enforcing these rules.

In summary, a “vado permanente” helps keep streets clear and makes sure that property owners can always use their driveways and garages.

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