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Buying a car in Spain

To purchase a Car in Spain, you will need to produce certain documentation, this includes confirmation of your address such as the Escritura (property deed), or a rental agreement for where you live in Spain as well as your N.I.E number. Some areas now want proof that you are registered on the padron which you can obtain from your town hall.

If you are buying a new car in Spain, from a dealer, they will normally organise all the paperwork for you, but you will have to pay any transfer tax and fees. If purchasing a second-hand car in Spain then you need to ensure all the paperwork is handled correctly to avoid incurring fines.

The vehicle seller should provide you with the impuesto sobre la circulacion de vehiculos (car tax) and the tranferencia. Most people will use a Gestor to organise the paperwork for them although this will incur a fee.  You should also ensure the inspection technical de vehiculos is current (ITV). This is the Spanish equivalent of the UK MOT and all cars over 4 years old must have an annual ITV test. There is a time limit of 15 days to register the car in your name.

Most people use a professional, to organise the paperwork for them.

Doing the paperwork yourself

You can arrange it yourself, of course. Here is a step by step guide to the  process of transfering the ownership of the car yourself.

If you have an EU licence, then you can use that license to drive a vehicle in Spain. You cannot obtain a Spanish driving licence without a residencia (residents permit). Whilst it is not necessary to obtain a Spanish licence, strictly speaking, you should carry a translation of your licence in Spanish, just in case you are stopped by the police. This can be obtained from the Real Automovil Club de Espana.

The alternative is to exchange your current driving licence for a Spanish licence. In order to do this you must provide copies of your passport, your driving licence, your residency card, a medical report and the relevant form to Trafico (spanish traffic police), completed. Once they accept your paperwork you will receive a temporary licence which you should produce if stopped by the authorities.  Some weeks later you will receive your new Spanish driving licence.  Please note you should give an alternative postal address to Trafico if you do not receive post at your home address. There is more information here for those who want to exchange an EU licence and those who want to exchange a UK licence.

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