How to change an EU driving licence to a Spanish driving licence yourself? If you need/want to change your driving licence from another EU country driving licence to a Spanish driving licence then you can either employ the services of a gestoría or you can do it yourself. Click this link if you want to change a UK driving licence to a Spanish driving licence.

How to change an EU driving licence to a Spanish licence

  1. Complete the application form

    You can download a copy of the application form to change from an EU to Spanish licence to spanish licence step by step 3

  2. Pay the appropriate Tax

    At the point of writing the tax is 28,30 euros. It can be paid by bank card at the Traffic department Office when you apply, by direct debit or in cash at a bank. You cannot pay by cash at the Traffic Office. The simplest way is to pay at the Traffic Office using your bank card.

  3. Identification

    You must provide proof of your identity. A valid identification card or Passport.

  4. Your Spanish residency document

    You will need to take your Spanish residency document. This could be the small green “Certificado de registro de Ciudadano de La Unión” card.

  5. Proof you are living in Spain

    You will need to prove you are living in Spain. This can be by way of a copy of the Padron. This shows you have registered at the Town Hall as a local resident. The document must be dated within the last three months to be accepted.

  6. Driving licence

    You will need to provide the original of your current driving licence.

  7. Photo

    A photo 32mmx26mm.

  8. Medical certificate

    You may need to also supply a medical certificate

    The medical certificate can be picked up and many different authorised locations. There are usually centres next to the Regional Traffic offices but there are also many centers throughout most towns which may be more convenient for you to use.
Once you have your paperwork ready you will need to make an appointment with the Regional Traffic Office. You cannot just turn up anymore. You need to arrange a prior appointment. Click the link to find out the process to make a prior appointment with the Regional Traffic office.

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