With the United Kingdom no longer a member of the EU, the holders of UK driving licences who are resident in Spain will find they will need to change them to a Spanish driving licence. The DGT website stipulates that the process to switch from a UK to Spanish licence must have started before 31 December 2020. Applications submitted after this period will not be accepted.

The Spanish authorities have agreed that if you have organised to transfer your UK driving licence to a Spanish licence before the end of 2020, the paperwork is in order and the UK authorities have verified the details then you have until 31 December 2021 to formalise the switch to a Spanish driving licence. If you did not register your intention to get your UK driving licence changed to a Spanish driving licence before the 31 December 2020 then your UK licence becomes invalid after 28 February 2022. (Recently extended again). Negotiations are underway between the respective governments to put in place an ongoing solution.

Unless your registered your intention to change your UK licence to a Spanish licence before 31 December 2020 then there is currently no agreement on how to change one to the other. The only way to obtain a Spanish driving licence is to sit a Spanish driving test. 

If you moved to Spain after 1 January 2021, your UK licence will be valid for 6 months from the date you obtained residence, or until 28 February 2022, whichever is later.

The process to make the switch if you registered in time

Many people use the services of a Gestoria or similar to help with the exchange of driving licence process. However if you want to do it yourself here is a step-by-step guide.

How to change a UK driving licence to a Spanish driving licence online

  1. Visit the Government of Spain website

    Go to the relevant page of the Government website to change a UK driving licence to a Spanish driving licence. (You can change the language in the top right corner)

  2. Online option

    You will need a digital signature or [email protected] PIN to go through the process online. If you do not have either and do not want to use this method then jump to step 5.

  3. Verify your identity

    You will need to verify yourself on the website using one of the methods above.

  4. Documentation to hand

    It will be necessary to have your driving licence to hand when you go through the online process. Once you have finished online then jump to step 7.

  5. Request by telephone

    You can request the change of driving licence by telephone. You will need to ring 060. The phone will be answered in Spanish. Later you will receive an appointment to formalise the change of driving licence. If you do not receive this within three days you can request a pre-booked appointment online. Once you have booked your appointment then review step 7 below to make sure you take all the paperwork with you. If you need help follow these steps as to how to book and appointment online with Trafico.

  6. In person at the Regional Traffic Office

    If you do not want to apply online or use the 060 phone number then you can apply in person. You will need to make a pre-booked appointment. Once you have your pre-booked appointment then review step 7 below to make sure you have all your paperwork on the day. If you need help follow these steps as to how to book and appointment online with Trafico.

  7. Formalisation at the Regional Traffic Office

    You will need to take the following documentation with you to the Region Traffic Office to finish the process:
    A completed Trámites de permisos de conducción del Reino Unido form (download a blank copy here), proof of identification such as your original current passport, proof of residency. When applying you can authorise the DGT to try and confirm your address in Spain, however, if they can’t you will need to provide proof such as a copy of the padrón. You will also need to take the original driving licence you intend to exchange. Do not forget a current photograph 32mm x 26mm in colour and proof you have paid the appropriate tax 28.58 euros.*

*The tax can be paid online if you have a digital signature. Alternatively, you can pay at most banks. To pay at the financial institutions you will need to complete and print off the online form (modelo 791). You need to complete the section labelled Grupo II and the Tipo tasa 2.3. Change the “cantidad” to one and click the shopping trolley/cart button. Then complete your details and decide if you are going to put your bank IBAN details on for payment or visit a bank to pay the cost. Click “download a quote”. This will produce a .pdf document that you can print and take with you to a bank to pay. Remember to take the proof of payment with you to your appointment at the Regional Traffic Office.

See the images below on how to complete the modelo 791. Click on one and then use the arrows to move to the next step.

If you pay before your appointment at the Regional Traffic office do not forget to print/take the receipt as proof of payment. It might be easier just to pay the fee at the Regional Traffic Office on the day of your appointment. If you do, remember you can only pay by debit or credit card. They do not accept cash payments.

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