ITV in Spain for cars

If a car is four years old it will be necessary to have the vehicle undertake a road safety test. This is known as an ITV in Spain. (Similar to an MOT in the UK). The car must undergo an ITV test in Spain every two years until the car is ten years old. After that it is then compulsory to take the Spanish ITV every year.

You take the vehicle to an ITV (Inspeccion Technica de Vehiculos) testing station. There the officials carry out a series of checks to ensure the car meets the safety standards required to use the roads in Spain. Many garages will, for a fee, check your vehicle over prior to testing and even take it to the testing station for you.

ITV in Spain for motorbikes

Motorcycles (up to 49cc) Up to three years old are exempt from an ITV test. After three years they must be subject to an ITV test every two years. Motorcycles (50cc and over) Up to four years old are exempt from an ITV test. Once four years old then an ITV inspection must be completed every two years. 

The Usual tests are carried out to the vehicle, including examination of the brakes, steering joints, suspension, lighting and engine emissions.

What does an ITV test in Spain consist of?

The purpose of the ITV in Spain is to maintain the fleet of vehicles on Spanish roads in a roadworthy condition.

The checks include: That there is valid insurance in place for the vehicle. Checking windscreen wipers, visibility of the registration plate, as well as measuring the amount of polluting emissions from the vehicle. The tyre tread and the doors open and close properly. They will check the seatbelts work, the car horn/claxon, the indicators function and the headlights work and don’t dazzle other drivers. Other tests include the suspension and braking of your vehicle. They may also check to see if oil is leaking from the engine. You must also prove modifications to the vehicle have been authorized properly.

If your vehicle passes the ITV test

If your vehicle passes the ITV test, then you will receive a stamped report confirming your vehicle passed. You will also receive a sticker that you place in the upper right hand corner of your windscreen. The sticker shows the expiry of the ITV test.

If your vehicle fails the ITV test

There are three levels. mild, serious and very serious.

Mild: You can continue to drive the vehicle but must get the items listed fixed.

Serious: The items identified must be fixed and the vehicle re-tested within two months.

Very Serious: Your vehicle will not be allowed to leave under its own power from the ITV station. It will have to be towed to a garage for repair. It will then have to be brought back to an ITV centre for a re-test wants the defects have been rectified.