Types of car insurance in Spain

Car Insurance Spain can provide third party and fully comprehensive insurance policies in English, for all Spanish registered cars. We can insure UK plated vehicles. If you are starting the process of changing to a Spanish registration on your foreign registered car, then we can provide car insurance for foreign cars in Spain for up to 6 months.

This gives you the option of using your foreign registered car in Spain whilst you are getting the paperwork through the Spanish system.

Third party insurance is the legal minimum required by the law in Spain.

However, most people opt for at least third party, fire and theft. For new or nearly new vehicles fully comprehensive insurance is more popular.

You can choose what excess you want to pay on your car insurance in Spain. You can take an excess of zero, which might be more appealing for a brand new car . Alternatively, you can agree to pay the first 200 or 300 euros of repair costs to your vehicle, in the event of a claim for which you are at fault. Clearly the higher the excess the lower the premium.

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No claims bonus

When insuring a car,  motorcycle or scooter in Spain, many insurance companies can take into consideration your No Claims Discount from the UK or another EU country.

Vehicle maintenance is important to ensure that vehicles on the roads are safe for the driver and other road users. You need to ensure that you have a valid ITV test certificate for for a Spanish registered vehicle.

Foreign vehicles should have the relevant road-worthiness certificate from their home country.