Motorbike insurance

We are able to offer a range of quality and competitive motorbike insurance in Spain. Products to protect you and your motorcycle.


motorbike insurance spain

Let’s start with the simplest and legal minimum insurance cover which is third party motorcycle insurance in Spain. Whilst the most basic policy it covers your legal obligations to other road users. It is possible to customise the policy adding different levels of accident and breakdown cover. You can also add accident and life cover for the insured.

Some companies also offer the ability to add automatic notification of traffic fines in Spain. This is done by SMS text or email. The feature is also available as a standalone product. This service can include advice on how to contest traffic fines in Spain that were made in error. Perhaps someone  cloned your registration number or an automated system read the registration incorrectly.

Third party motorbike insurance in Spain not only includes your mandatory civil liability by law but an extra amount. This voluntary civil liability provides you with addition protection in case a claim exceeds the legal minimum limits set by Spanish law.

You will also have legal defence under your third party motorbike insurance in Spain. This provides legal assistance in the event that criminal proceedings are brought against you. It is also there to help you if you need to make a claim against a third party.

Your can increase your basic insurance to third party fire and theft motorbike insurance in Spain. These policies can include all of the above features plus cover for the expenses involved by the rescue services as a result of an accident which also involves a fire. This also includes the event of a short circuit causing a fire and damaging the motorcycle.

This level of insurance also provides cover for theft of your motorbike. Some insurance companies include an excess for the theft element of cover whilst others do not. Clearly, an excess reduces the cost but means you only get part of the value of your motorbike back in the event it is stolen. We can of course provide quotes for different options form various providers.

Yes, it is available! Many companies are reluctant to provide fully comprehensive motorbike insurance in Spain. However, we have sourced some providers. If your scooter or motorbike in Spain is more than more than 50cc then a fully comprehensive option is usually available.

A fully comprehensive motorbike insurance in Spain can provide you with the option to choose the garage you want to use to have the motorbike repaired. Clearly, one of the main reasons people what to have fully comprehensive motorbike insurance in Spain is in the case of own damage. The insured will have to accept an excess. The excess varies from company to company, The excess is the amount the insured has to contribute first. The insurance company then pays the amount of the costs over and above the agreed excess.

A fully comprehensive motorbike insurance can also cover damages caused by acts of vandalism and damage from hail stones. The excess also applies to these covers.

The scooter or motorbike in Spain would also be protected in the event of fire damage and theft. Some companies include an excess if a vehicle is stolen. If you are willing to accept an excess, then this will reduce the overall cost of the insurance. However, you will not receive the full value of your vehicle.

As you would expect a fully comprehensive motorbike insurance in Spain not only includes the minimum third party liability required by Spanish law but an additional element known as voluntary civil liability cover. This protects you in the case a claim exceeds the statutory minimum levels of cover.

You will also have access to legal professionals in the event that someone instigates criminal proceedings against you. These professionals are also available to you if you need make a claim for damages against a third party.

Some companies include an automatic traffic fine service. This feature sends an SMS text or email in the event of a traffic fine being issued against your vehicle. If the fine is an error, it means you can use the service to help you to contest the fine. If the fine is correct then the prompt notification enables you to pay early and only pay the discounted penalty as a result. The automatic traffic fine service is also available as a separate product.

Further optional covers available for your fully comprehensive motorbike insurance in Spain are accident and life insurance and accident and breakdown recovery.