high-vlaue car insurance in Spain

The ease of obtaining competitive high-value Car insurance in Spain depends on various factors. These include; the specific insurance provider, the make and model of the vehicle, the driver’s history, and other individual circumstances. Generally, insuring a high-end car is more expensive than standard vehicles. This is often down to their higher value and potentially higher repair or replacement costs.

To contract high-end car insurance in Spain, you would typically need to provide information about the vehicle. Additionally, your driving history, and other relevant details. Insurance companies will assess the risk associated with insuring a high-value car, and your premium will reflect this risk. For those vehicles of exceptionally high value, it may be a requirement from the insurance company that an Assessor inspects the car. The insurance company-appointed Assessor produces a report at the insurer’s cost.

Assessor's report (if needed)

The insurance company pays the costs of the Assessor’s report. This report is only required when a client is looking for a fully comprehensive policy and the value of the car is significant. Depending on the insurance company but sometimes from 100,000 euros as new value.

If you need cover immediately it is possible to insure the car, third party, fire and theft. You can then upgrade once the report has been finalised. The report is usually available the following day after inspectionhe car the report is often issued the following day.

The benefit of the Assessor’s report is that it will include all options and extras which can then be included in the policy. This ensures you pay the right premium, for the correct coverage and avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim.

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High value car insurance in Spain

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