Time needed: 10 minutes

Below are the instructions on how to make an appointment with Trafico to change an EU licence to a Spanish licence. For clarity these instructions are not relevant to holders of UK driving licences.

  1. Visit the DGT.es website

    To make a pre-booked appointment with your Regional Traffic office you can return to the front page of the website and select “Solictud cita previa” from the second column or click this link to make a pre-booked appointment with Trafico. Now you have the ability to change the language on the website by using the google translate tool in the top right corner.

  2. Click solicitud de cita previa

    How to make an appointment with Trafico 1

  3. Choose the Regional Traffic Office

    Locate your Regional Traffic Office, using the drop down list.

    How to make an appointment with Trafico 2

  4. Select the relevant procedure

    Then make sure you choose the correct option from the box marked “Tipo de trámite”. You want to select “canje de permiso de condución europeo”
    How to make an appointment with Trafico 3

  5. Indicate from which country your existing licence originates

    Then select the country from where your current driving licence has been issued.

    How to make an appointment with Trafico 4

  6. Check the Regional Traffic Office

    The screen below will appear. Check the Regional Traffic office and also that you have selected the procedure “Canje de permiso de conducción europeo”. You will then see this screen (This screen appears if you apply in Malaga. It might not be the same all over the country).

    How to make an appointment with Trafico 5

  7. Select the date range you want

    If you have made a mistake click the black button marked “Volver” which will return you to the previous screen. If the information is correct then you can select the relevant date range. Then click “buscar”. The box “Area Canjes” will pop up after you press “buscar”. This is confirming that you are requesting to change an EU licence. Press “continuar”.

    How to make an appointment with Trafico 6

  8. Complete your personal details

    You will need to tick the box. By doing so you authorise that they can collate your information you are submitting to make the pre-booked appointment in their system for the purpose of checking your residency.
    To confirm you want to organise a pre-booked appointment click “solicitar”
    If you want to clear the form and start again click the black button on the right marked “limpiar”
    To cancel the whole process click “cancelar”

    How to make an appointment with Trafico 8

  9. Find out what dates and times are available

    Next a screen opens showing various dates and the appointments available on those days in a drop down format.
    How to make an appointment with Trafico 9

  10. Choose the date a time of your appointment

    Here we have five blue boxes representing different days. Each box indicates how many appointments are available on that day. Click the dropdown box to see the appointment times. Select the date and time that is most convenient for you or select “volver” to return to the previous screen.
    How to make an appointment with Trafico 10

  11. Don’t forget your paperwork

    Once you have selected your date and time a black button “continuar” will appear below the entry. Click this to confirm. Do not forget to take your paperwork and remember, if you are paying the taxes at the Regional traffic Office when you apply, you can not pay by cash. Make sure you remember to take your bank card. If this all seems too much then do not worry. There are plenty of Gestoria’s and solicitors that will help you for a fee. Shop around to get a good price and/or ask your Expat neighbours who they used.

    How to make an appointment with Trafico 11