When you buy a car in Spain, one of the costs you have to pay is an administrative tax to transfer the name on the ownership documents. You can pay the tax online, at a participating bank or at the Region Traffic Office. To pay online you will need a digital signature or “Clave pin“. Alternatively, you can download a form and pay at the bank.

How to complete Modelo 791

  1. Download the form

    Click the link to go to the page where you can download the form to pay the taxes to transfer the ownership of a vehicle in Spain. Then click welcome at the top to change the page to English.

  2. Choose the right tax

     Select the tax called “Cambios de titularidad de permiso de circulacion” in the box of taxes headed “Group I Permisos de Circulacion”. Type the number 1 in the box that says quantity.modelo 791

  3. Complete your details online

     In the section marked payment you can either enter your IBAN number or select cash (if you are going to pay it at a bank). modelo 791

  4. Your document

    modelo 791

  5. Pay the tax

    You can then pay the tax at your bank and take the completed and stamped receipt with you to complete the transaction at the Regional Traffic Office.