Plan Moves 2020

If you are thinking of replacing your old car, then the Spanish government have got some good news for you.

Plan Moves 2020

The average age of vehicles in Spain is 12.7 years and the government wants to promote electric and low emission replacements.

Plan Moves 2020 forms just part of a huge 3,750 million euro plan the Spanish government announced today. For this element of the scheme 100 million euros has been set aside.

Plan Moves 2020

If you buy a new car and your old one is over ten years old and subsequently scrapped, then the government will give you money to help with the switch. Your old car cannot subsequently be sold on. In addition, the new vehicle you buy cannot be a gas guzzling environment wrecker. It must slip into category A or B in the emissions table meaning no more than 120gCO2/km.

The specifics for each vehicle have yet to be firmed up but the maximum limits are as follows:

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