Change registered address of vehicle Spain

If you have moved from one town or province to another then you will need to pay your road taxes in the new area.

This involves changing the address with the Regional Traffic Office (Jefatura Provincial de Trafico). You may also need to change your driving licence address details with the authorities too.

Even though it is possible to obtain a pre-booked appointment, in some cases the Regional Traffic Office is not very conveniently located.

Thankfully, many Town Halls are now affiliated with the Regional Traffic Office which means that you can undertake certain tasks at your local Town Hall.

Can I change these details at my Town Hall?

Not all Town Halls offer the service but you can check to see if your Town Hall is part of the scheme here. (Then look at the list of “Ayuntamientos con convenio”. They are divided into groups alphabetically).

You will need to pick up a “Solicitud de cambio de domicilio” form from your Town Hall. At the top of the form you complete it with the appropriate personal details.

How do I complete the “Solicitud de cambio de domiciliacion”?

change registered address of vehicle in Spain
You need a form like this to change the registered address for your vehicles and your driving licence

The first section is for you to provide your personal details and the new address.

Change registered address for vehicle in Spain

Underneath the first section are two tick boxes. The first relates to whether you want to update the address held for your driving licence and the second relates to whether you wish to change the address held for your vehicle(s).

change registered address of vehicle in Spain

Tick the appropriate box(es).

Underneath you can complete the details of all your vehicles that should be registered at the new address. The date of first registration can be found on the green vehicle document called a “Permiso de Circulacion”. Open it up and inside on the left hand side you will see a date next to the box labelled “I” This is the date of first registration.

You then need to date and sign the form as shown below.

change registered address of vehicle in Spain
Enter the place where you sign the document, the day, month and year then sign where it says Firma:

The completed form should then be returned to the Town Hall along with the following paperwork:

In the case of a change to the vehicle registered address

  • The original permiso de circulación
  • The original ficha técnica
  • The certificate of Empadronamiento (which you can obtain from the Town Hall of course)
  • Your original NIE document

You must also supply copies of all these documents.

In my case I had to provide copies of every page of the permiso de circulacion including the front page with the serial number of the document. I also had to supply all the pages of the ficha tecnica including those stapled to it.

In the case of a change to the registered address for your driving licence:

  • The original driving licence
  • Your original NIE document

Remember it is not just that you might not be paying the correct Town Hall your road taxes if you do not change your address, you might not receive notifications of any traffic infringements either.

Don’t forget to advise the new address to your car insurance company in Spain.

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