Cheap petrol in Spain

cheap petrol in Spain

We probably all know where the cheapest petrol station is in our area but what if we are making a longer journey that may require a fuel stop?

With the price of petrol and diesel rocketing of late it is good to know that help is at hand. GasAll is a mobile application you can download from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. The App will help you find the cheapest petrol prices in Spain.

When you first download the GasAll mobile phone app it will ask you to enter some information, such as whether your car runs on diesel or petrol, the size of the tank and after a quick search on the internet, if you don’t know it, the consumption figure for your motor.


After the initial set up, when you open the app the first thing it will do is try and find your location. It will display a map showing the location of the petrol station locations nearby. You can tap the petrol station icons and it will come up with the price of the fuel relevant to your vehicle. It also shows the opening hours and the distance from your current location.

Tapping the display at the bottom of the screen with the price on it opens more detailed information. Scrolling down shows the estimated cost in fuel to get to the petrol station and what it will cost to completely fill your fuel tank. Then it also shows a figure which indicates the amount of money you will save based on the average price. Then at the very bottom you can click the blue button which will provide you with directions on how to get to the petrol station using google maps.

The application will also highlight if the petrol station has an offer. For example, if you fill up with a certain amount of petrol you get a free car wash or a discount on a set of saucepans!

cheap petrol in Spain

If you prefer tap on the menu button at the top of the screen and to the right you will see a list of all the petrol stations near where you are. It also shows the price for the fuel as well as the cost to fill the tank completely. You can switch from lowest price to distance from your location.

I checked in my local area and the difference between the cheapest price for unleaded 95 and the most expensive was 13 cents a litre! If you are filling your tank, then that will make a difference.

The App already has over 100,000 downloads from the Google Play Store and for those of you who really make long journeys or later this year will make a lengthy trip by car for your holiday then this App may be of interest to you.

GasAll mobile phone App