MiDGT mobile application

MiDGT mobile application

MiDGT mobile application is the official name of the android application from the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) in Spain.

MiDGT mobile application 1

Launched in March 2020 it gives the user access to their driving licence, the number of points they retain on their driving licence as well as details about Spanish vehicles registered in their name. More recently the DGT have added more features including being able to consult the taxes to pay when buying a car and ordering a report on a vehicle to see if there are any reasons why it cannot be transferred to a new owner, if you were thinking of buying it.

You can update your mobile phone and email address held by the DGT and authorise the receipt of notifications from the DGT.

When you log in you will see your photo, your points summary and the vehicles you own listed further down.

In the top left corner are the three lines which opens up a menu. From here you can add your mobile phone number and email to the records that the DGT hold and also switch on or off a button to receive notifications.

Next to the welcome message and photo of the registered user is the option “Ver mi carnet”. Click here and this takes you to a copy of your Spanish driving licence.

Copy of your Spanish driving licence

MiDGT mobile application 3

Once you click “Ver mi carnet” on the DGT mobile application your driving licence appears. It will show all the details of the original plastic card that you probably have in your wallet. Your date of birth, DNI/NIE etcetera. You can click to turn the card on the MiDGT mobile application around. This shows you the list of vehicle categories you have permission to drive. The dates of when you were authorised to drive each category of vehicle and the expiry date for each category is also shown in the same format as it is on the original pink plastic card licence.

This image explains the front of the driving licence as it appears on the MiDGT mobile application. The letters and numbers next to row headed 9) are the categories of vehicles you have permission to drive.

MiDGT mobile application 4

In the top right corner you will see a blue arrow forming almost a circle. Click this icon and you are presented with the reverse side of your driving licence.

Here you have more details about the category of vehicles you have permission to drive. When you were authorised to drive them and when the category expires.

If you return to the first page we looked at, the one when you access the application then lower down you will see the list of vehicles registered in your name.

Here you can click on each one to find out more information about each one.

MiDGT mobile application

List of your Spanish vehicles

There is information on the make and model of the vehicle, what fuel it uses and the engine size (cilindrada).

You will also find the VIN / Bastidor number and the date the vehicle was first registered. Now of course, it also has the environmental rating shown.

Further down the individual vehicle page you have confirmation of whether it passed the last ITV and very usefully the date the current ITV expires.

Lower down the page are the insurance records of the vehicle and the insurance renewal date.

For each vehicle registered in your name there is a record. You can access them one by one from the front page of the MiDGT mobile application.

The DGT has expanded the funcionality of the application since its launch. You can now carry out various administrative tasks from your mobile phone. You can pay relevant fees using the MiDGT mobile application, pay traffic fines, identify the driver who caused the traffic infraction if it was not you that was driving.

In a later stage they intend to enable users to include matriculation and transfer of vehicle ownership using the MiDGT mobile application.

How to download the application

The application can be downloaded using your android phone’s play store or if you are an apple user from the App Store.

To access the application you will either have to have a digital signature installed on your mobile phone or have access to the Cl@ve PIN application as part of the security measures to access the information.

To log in the first time I used the Cla@ve PIN application I already have installed on my phone. It makes it a bit cumbersome the first time but then the next time I wanted to log in I just had to use my finger print and went smoothly straight into the application.

Although the MiDGT mobile application has limited functionality at the moment, the promised further developments will make dealing with Tráfico a lot easier in the future.

One final point, for the time being we still recommend you have possession of your physical driving licence on you whilst driving.

Foreign driving licence in Spain

You can use a foreign driving licence in Spain to drive a vehicle. However, regardless of the law where you obtained your driving licence, you must obey Spanish law when using your driving licence. For example, it is possible to pass your driving test aged 17 in the UK. You would not be able to use your UK licence in Spain until you were 18 because that is the minimum age in Spain by law.

All driving licences issued in the European Union and the European Economic Area are valid for driving in Spain. If you are living in Spain then please see below as there is a time limit in which the driving licence must be exchanged for a Spanish licence.

If you intend to live in Spain then you should start the process of changing your driving licence to a Spanish driving licence once you arrive.

Please note that whilst the Spanish Government might allow you to drive with a foreign driving licence insurance companies are not obliged to accept them. There is not a problem with a European driving licence but with some countries the number of Spanish insurance companies that will provided insurance could be reduced. In some cases none of the Spanish insurance companies will provide insurance.

Driving licence from outside EU

If you are from outside the EU and you have a qualifying driving licence then you must exchange it for a Spanish one within six months of arriving in Spain.

If there is an agreement between the country where your driving licence was issued and Spain then the process is relatively straight forward. It will mean you exchange your old licence for a Spanish driving licence. This process is done either by using the services of a Gestoria or by organising it yourself through the nearest regional Road Traffic Office.

If your driving licence is issued from a country where there is no agreement with Spain then you will not be able to exchange your licence. You will have to sit the Spanish driving test.

If you come from Japan, South Korea, Andorra, Switzerland or Monaco then the arrangements for you can be found here. Here is a summary in English.

Driving licence from an EU / EAA country

If your driving licence was issued by a country in the EU, or a country in the EEA then you have a period up to a maximum of two years to change your driving licence to a Spanish driving licence.

If your EU driving licence does not have an expiry date or perhaps it runs for longer than two years after you begin your residency in Spain, you still have to change it to a Spanish licence.

You change your driving licence to a Spanish driving licence through a Gesotria for a fee or you can undertake it yourself by collecting the appropriate paperwork, paying the fee and making an appointment with the Regional Traffic Office. Follow our step by step guide to change your EU driving licence to a Spanish driving licence here.

You cannot just go to your nearest Regional Road Traffic office. You must make a prior appointment.